Wood Flooring in The Woodlands Texas

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Wood Flooring

The Beauty Of Wood Flooring in The Woodlands, Texas

Bored with the way your house is looking? Been planning to spruce it up, but not sure whether it is a good idea? Well, the answer really is “yes, it is a good idea”, because home remodeling makes sense on many levels, not just cosmetically, but financially too.

Looking after one’s property, maintaining it’s very fiber, foundation, and core, is crucial for long-term efficiency, and indeed the very future of your home.

It is far better to spend time, and money every now, and then, ensuring the good upkeep of your home, rather than wait until there is a problem to fix, and possibly end up spending far more because it has suddenly become an “emergency” requiring radical intervention from builders who will be quick to charge a little extra for coming to your rescue at such short notice.

Home remodeling is also sound sense when it comes to the possible future sale of your property. And it is often the flooring that stands out as the top candidate for a makeover. Floors are generally considered to be the centerpiece of a room. How many times do you enter a house, or building, and immediately notice the state of the floor as you step in? Quite frequently, I would suggest. So maybe that is what you are considering: replacing your flooring?

Maybe you have always hankered after wood flooring, to replace the carpet you have never liked very much when you first moved into your home in The Woodlands, Texas? Well, why not do it? There is no better time than the present.

Good quality American wood flooring comes in all kinds of finishes these days, and there is a wide selection to choose from, the best for the home being white oak, black walnut, cherry, and maple.

White oak would be ideal in the kitchen, as it is easy to clean, and maintain, and is water-resistant. Not surprisingly, it is a timber that was used extensively in shipbuilding, and for making barrels. Having said that, white oak needs to be installed properly, and finished correctly as the tannins in the wood can react badly to some liquids, and develop a green tinge.

Exotic black walnut is strong, and extremely plush. It is in plentiful supply in the States, but is not as popular as white oak, as it is very dark, with mainly straight but sometimes wavy grain. It is not as impervious to dents as oak, and may not suit all tastes, or rooms.

On the other hand, maple is generally regarded as the most practical for flooring because it is so hardwearing, and resistant to scratches, and denting. Hard maple, also known as Sugar Maple, is the strongest type of maple hardwood. It can be hard to work with when it comes to finishing, but is worth the effort for the efficiency it gives you…especially if you have children and pets!

But if you are looking for lovely color, and elegance then cherry is the one. It is probably the least resilient of all hardwoods, but is strong enough for most environments. It has a smooth, satiny quality that is very appealing to home-makers with its reddish-brown hue.

If you, or your children, are allergic to dust then wood flooring is the perfect alternative to carpets where dust mites, and other allergens congregate, thus providing a healthier living environment for your family.

When all is said and done, investing in wood flooring for your home in The Woodlands, Texas during any remodeling phase can only lead to one thing: a beautiful home, and peace of mind.