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Tile Flooring

Tiled Flooring: Practical, Hardwearing, and Stylish

We all do it; buy a new home, and immediately decide to change it all around! And that usually means doing something drastic to the floors.
You loved everything about the house when you had your first inspection – everything except that floor in the bathroom. Even then you knew you would want to change it. So did your husband. And now you’ve moved in, the house is yours and you can mention it to your man: “Honey, you know that floor in the bathroom…?”

All along you were thinking: I know what would look good in there. Tiles. Beautiful terracotta, glazed ceramic, or even fancy, ornate mosaic. The choice is terrific, and as usual when planning a home remodeling project , will depend on what is in the budget.

But there is also the question: what is the best type of tile from a safety point of view? After all, it’s no good having a really super-looking floor if you are going to be forever slipping over on it. This is important to remember for obvious reasons, and especially if you have young children.

Tiled Flooring
It is no real surprise then to discover that plain ceramic tiles are the number one choice. They are naturally non-slippery, being very porous, but that is not say they can’t look nice. Terracotta-red tiles are very attractive, and give a certain Continental feel to a bathroom. They are especially good if the majority of your bathroom has painted walls, and is not tiled all over. Choosing a red-tile floor can lead to a nice choice in paint to go with it.

However, if you are looking for something a little classier for your bathroom remodeling project then it might be worth considering Travertine marble. When honed, this soft limestone of old Roman times can look really beautiful with lovely veins, and streaky/speckled patches. Usually in a soft pinky-beige color, travertine is non-slippery, and very durable, and looks superb.

Or if you feel really extravagant, a mosaic floor can add an equal touch of individuality, and style. These days you can buy mosaics on special sheets ready for laying. All it needs adhesive, and grout.

But maybe the whole idea of remodeling your bathroom is to introduce a new mood. If this is the case, you can think more creatively, and let your imagination wander. If you are using a block color for the floor, then maybe add a complimentary color as a border between the floor, and walls.

Or maybe you are going for a lovely warming peach effect, for some country coziness, in which case consider the rest of your bathroom décor, and furnishings if they are going to be new too. When creating an overall mood, it is important to always see the wider picture, and ensure your furnishings will match the color you choose. Call The Experts at The Goode Fix at 832-797-0550 and let them make your bathroom remodeling dreams come true.