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Stone Flooring

Stone Flooring For That Touch Of Class

Your dream house has been purchased, and that life of joy in the heart of one of the nation’s upcoming master-plan communities seems within reach; Texas here you come! But wait a second. Hold your horses. First you’ve got to make some necessary, and all-important remodeling alterations to your new home in The Woodlands, Texas before you can be truly happy with your home.

The floors need re-laying, almost everywhere. But mainly in the kitchen, which is probably the most-used part of a house and often the most remodeled.
Indeed, the kitchen is the nerve center of a home, where daily plans are made, and evening rendezvous’ arranged, and plenty of mess can be made too. In fact, the kitchen is every woman’s pride, and joy, so if the opportunity arises to lay a new floor during some home  remodeling work, then by golly get to it.

So what would be ideal? Obviously, you want something that has a high degree of strength, a hardwearing material that will ensure you are not forever straining with that beetroot stain, or ketchup spill. You want something long lasting, easy to keep clean, and that looks superb as well. Now then is the time to give serious consideration to the style, and beauty, not to mention practicalities, of stone flooring. Although stone is relatively expensive compared to laminated flooring, or carpet, it is the long-life, and durability that is the main attraction of stone flooring.

Stone Flooring
Natural stone comes in various forms, mainly limestone, slate, marble, and granite, although there are many variations, and finishes. Limestone can come as “hard” or “soft”, and although the softer variety looks very attractive, it may not be the best choice for a kitchen as it is more porous, and thus not very suitable in wet environments. Slate, and its natural ridges, is great for a rugged, textured look, and is tough too, though not quite as hard as granite. It also doesn’t just come in grey either. Its palette is extensive, with oranges, greens, purples, blacks, and blues.

Granite is the toughest stone on earth, and is usually the most expensive. When using it as flooring, it is recommended to keep it unpolished. Like slate, granite is generally associated with the color gray when in fact you can get granite in an array of unusual colors. If you are going that extra mile, and looking for pure luxury, then marble springs immediately to mind. It is stronger than limestone, but requires commitment in its upkeep, as it can be prone to cavities from acidic products. It would need a lot of care, and attention.

If you are thinking of stone flooring in the kitchen during your remodeling, then it may be worth considering installing underfloor heating, as stone remains naturally, and consistently cool all year round, and therefore cold to walk on in winter, even though it will be pleasant in summer. If young children or elderly people are a concern because they could hurt themselves falling on stone, choose coarser rather than highly polished stone.

Super-durable, natural stone is a far more beautiful alternative to vinyl, or laminate wood, or concrete. And above all it is incredibly sustainable too. Once laid, it will literally last for the rest of your life, and probably many more lives to come. From an investment point of view, a stone floor in the kitchen makes great sense, as well as giving you great style. Besides being durable, and long-lasting, and maintenance-free, natural stone looks a million dollars, and will give your kitchen that extra touch of class.