Stained Concrete Flooring in The Woodlands Texas

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Stained Concrete Flooring

Brightening Up Your Concrete Floor With Stain & Paint

Possibly the most uninspiring, unattractive commodity ever invented to look at – and yet one of Man’s greatest discoveries. Yes, of course, it’s Concrete. We love it for providing us the foundations to our home in The Woodlands, Texas, and yet it is the area of the house we can’t wait to cover up, and hide forever so grim is its demeanor.

But for the home remodeler, a concrete floor doesn’t have to be the grim prospect when it comes to planning a redesign. In fact, with a little creativity, and the wave of a magic wand, that area of drab concrete can be amazingly transformed into a floor of slate, or indeed marble, or work of art worthy of Leonardo DaVinci in the Sistine Chapel. Indeed, think of that slab of lifeless gray concrete as a blank canvas, and free your mind to all it could be, and you could in fact have a great deal of fun at reasonable expense.

The process is called “staining,” and involves creating a translucent mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salts. When applied to the porous surface of the concrete, this solution has a chemical reaction with the hydrated lime in the concrete base, which then melds, and becomes one with the concrete permanently as if it had always been there.

painted Concrete
Therefore, it won’t fade with time, chip, or peel off. The only slight drawback at the moment is the generally limited variety of colors available, mainly browns, terracotta, tan, and soft blue-greens. However, water-based stains, and solvent-based dyes are being developed all the time which are greatly adding to the range of the palette open to all budding concrete artists, so that now there are bright reds, oranges, yellows, and purples.

The cost of staining your concrete is not necessarily cheap running at roughly $15 per 30cm squared if you’re going for a full design, color range, and polished finish, but can be as little as $2 to $4 per 30cm squared, if going for the minimum possible effort. If you did have something elaborate, and awesome in mind, but are put off by the price, bear in mind the longevity of your new artistically designed concrete floor, and how stunning a feature it could be in your home, compared to say laminate flooring, or carpet. In fact with the best finish possible, your humble but hardwearing concrete floor could actually have the same shine, and luxurious look of the finest marble in the world.

But it’s not only about the great look you can achieve, it’s about great practicality too. Stained concrete floors are probably the easiest floors to clean, and maintain. Carpets need frequent vacuuming; tiles have grout lines that can get dirty and moldy, and are a pain to keep clear; and hardwood floors must be protected from water. Stained concrete needs only a simple vacuum, or sweep, and swish of a mop.

The amazing potential of stained concrete has opened up a whole new area for homeowners, designers, and builders, and it is little wonder that it has become as popular as…well, a walk round the Sistine Chapel.