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Marble Flooring

Let Luxurious Marble Flooring Make Your Home in The Woodlands, Texas A Dream

You’ve had this dream for a long time, haven’t you? You as a Roman goddess reclining on your golden sofa, a luxurious marble floor stretching as far as the eye can see. Well, at least up to the door of the garage.

The little back conservatory. Ah, how it could look so nice…with a marble floor. You can see it now, you have been visualizing it for years. And sometimes it takes awhile to make sure we are sure that this is what we want to do.

But now you have, and it’s time to take the plunge….

Marble flooring is white in its most natural state of purity, with a subtle crystalline composition giving it that wonderfully alluring luster, as can be admired in Michelangelo’s famous statue of David. It becomes the marble used in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and reception areas of fancy hotels, and mega-corporate skyscrapers when it is combined with other minerals, color, and additives, to give it that streaky/dappled appearance.

marble flooring

In your home in The Woodlands, Texas, marble adds luxury to the interior, but is far more than just a luxury addition. For as well as looking splendid, and lush, marble is actually exceedingly practical. That’s because the marble used in the home is more likely to be the commercial marble that is derived from ordinary stone such as limestone (but not granite).

It is perhaps surprising for some to learn that marble used in home remodeling is none other than ordinary quarried stone from the depths of the earth, but that is exactly what it is. It becomes “marble” because it is so thoroughly honed, sanded, and polished. It is this honing process that gives marble its incredible density, and hardness, and ultimately its appeal as domestic flooring.

Marble tiles come in three main forms, although, as with many products, there are always variations, and subtle differences.

The most common form of marble tile is the glazed/polished variety. These are the ones that are very shiny, come in great colors, and have a wide choice of interesting, and intriguing patterns, or veining. The high shine of these types of marble are easy to clean, but can be difficult to maintain as they can smudge, and develop scratches.

In contrast to the shine of polished marble, Tumbled Marble gives you that antiquated, Old Roman look of battered sophistication, and rustic quality. This type of tile is created by literally “tumbling” the stone in a sort of concrete mixer machine. Throw in some sand, rough it up a bit, and you get that rounded, chipped-edged look.

A Honed Marble tile on the other hand, falls somewhere between the two other types, in that it has a matt finish. This type of marble is ideal for heavy footfall places like hallways/reception areas because in contrast to highly polished marble, the honed variety gives you far more resilience to damage.

One of the added attractions to having a marble floor is the fact they are good for allergy sufferers in that microbes, and bacteria do not breed on this surface. So not only does your marble floor look cool, and keep you cool, it’s the coolest barrier in the fight against unhealthy germs.