Laminated Wood Flooring in The Woodlands Texas

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Laminated Wood Flooring

Laminated Wood Flooring: A Sustainable Alternative To The Real Thing

Kids. Who’d have them? Well, you do. And you just knew it would be a mistake giving them the nice bedroom with the cream carpet that overlooked the garden. They promised to keep it clean, but you knew they wouldn’t be able to hold their end of the bargain. Too much to expect from a 9, and six year-old. But fathers will do anything for their daughters, and daughters know that.

So, it’s three years since you moved into your new master-plan house at The Woodlands, Texas, and already you have to think of doing some remodeling, and installing new flooring. There’s only so much play-dough, and paint you can allow yours eyes to meet every time you step into their world.

Of course, they don’t mind. they say it adds character to their room – but come on, what will the neighbors’ kids think when they come round for that slumber party? No, enough is enough. It’s got to go, so it’s bye-bye carpet…hello laminated wood flooring.

But why laminated wood flooring, and not the real thing? Well, for one thing it’s a whole lot cheaper, and secondly, you don’t actually have to replace the existing floorboards, or whatever surface is there already. Instead, laminated wood flooring is placed on top of existing floors to create a whole new surface that looks just as good as wood, and is pretty much as strong, and hardwearing…ideal for kids!

Laminated Wood Flooring
The laminate used for flooring contains tough resins that resist stains, denting, fading, and even cigarette burns. The laminate is similar to that found on kitchen worktops, and comes in many styles not just hardwood.

Ultimately, laminate flooring is appealing to the re-modeler because it retains its good looks without needing any sealing, waxing, or chemical treatments. It is safe to vacuum, and only requires occasional damp mopping to keep it clean, and new looking for many years to come. There is no reason why it shouldn’t – even if play dough, and paint does get dropped on it.

But maybe part of the deal for having another lovely new floor is to make sure you get the kids to do the mopping!