Carpet Flooring in The Woodlands Texas

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Carpet Flooring

Roll up! Roll Up! Carpets For All

We all know why we like carpets, don’t we? They’re colorful, stylish, absorb sound, provide a nice cushioned surface for our tired hard-working feet, are great for insulation during the winter, are non-slip, easy to keep clean (generally), and above all else: it is the most economical form of flooring available.

For anyone considering remodeling their home in The Woodlands Texas, the replacement, or new installation of carpet is an option well worth contemplating. But this may not be as easy as one thinks. Carpets come in all sorts of fibers, and forms, so it is important to give them due diligence when planning which carpet would be suitable for which room, certainly if children, or pets are going to figure prominently in the home.

There are four main types of fiber in carpets. Nylon is the most practical option for those with kids, or those planning a family in the future (which may include the introduction of pets too), but is equally good for those who do a lot of entertaining. Nylon is very durable, and stain resistant, and ideal for areas of heavy footfall, such as stairs.

Polyester has the look of luxury, a nice feel, and generally comes in an abundance of exciting colors. It is not as durable, or stain resistant as nylon, and can only really cope with moderate tread. Olefin on the other hand, has good resistance against stains, and moisture, but doesn’t do so well compared to nylon, and polyester in the durability stakes. Also, the range of colors, and styles are somewhat limited.

Carpet Flooring

Wool is the fourth main fiber found in carpets, and is much-loved for its natural beauty, but would be a poor choice if possible staining was a concern. It holds its own against natural soiling, which means it is generally provide a long lasting carpet.

How long a carpet can last in your home in The Woodlands, Texas depends on the “twist”, and “density” of the material. The tighter the yarn is twisted, the better it will resist crushing, and matting. The denser the carpet fiber, the better it will wear.

When it comes to color, it has been suggested that one should think of the floor as “the fifth wall” in a room, and how it will blend in with your other interior decorating plans, and furnishings. When going to a store to choose a new carpet, take a sample of the other colors you have in mind for the room to match up with.

As for style, there are three main choices. Cut Pile refers to the process whereby the ends of the carpet yarn is trimmed, giving it that soft feel much-favored in bedrooms, and living room. These come in five basic variations: Velvet, Saxony, Frieze, Shag, and Cable. The main differences between them are to do with the “twist” of the fiber, as described earlier.

In contrast to Cut Pile, is Loop Pile, which is basically uncut yarn, looped at the ends. This style of carpet has excellent durability in areas of heavy footfall, and is good for hiding any soiling. Berber is a classic example of type.

Cut and Loop Pile is – you guessed it – a combination of the two other styles. The combination is less durable than Loop on its own, but is fun, and different if you are looking for something more interesting in texture.

So, when it comes to rolling out the bank notes to pay for your new carpet flooring for your home in The Woodlands, Texas, make sure you have scrolled down through the whole question of fiber, style, and construction. After all, you know what they say about “best-laid plans”?